Grain seed company automates sack labelling

imageA grain seed packing company was applying labels to filled sacks by hand on two lines. The problem was how to apply labels to rounded sacks full of grain so that the labels would be visible when the bags were stacked one on top of the other. This necessitated applying the label around the curved side of the bag.

Avery Dennison LA-SO swing on label applicator

imageLA-SO is an optional pneumatic swing arm applicator for Avery Dennison's ALX 924/925/926 print apply engines. After an ALX prints and dispenses a self-adhesive label, the LA-SO vacuum pad picks up the label and swings it onto the product. Labelling positions are top, side and front.

Automated Labelling Paint Pots and Cans

image You need dedicated handling to apply labels to cans, pails, drums and blow moulded plastic containers. Codeway supplies LSS Modular Container Labellers for high volume applications. These excellent machines use Avery Dennison ALS applicators and ALX print engines for front and back labelling.

Automated Labelling Pharma Labellers

image Batches of pharmaceutical and medical products in ampoules, tubes, vials and small boxes need precise handling during
labelling. Codeway offers the superlative pharma package handling and labelling machines from LSS, the former Avery Dennison machine division, for these applications.

Automated Labelling Underside Labellers

image Underside labelling is a good solution when products vary in height. The labels come up in the gap in a split conveyor and stick to the underside of the package.

Typical applications: boxes and bags, mail order book packs, and special situations.

Automated Labelling Semi-Auto Manual Feed

imageWhen you're already handling a product, it's a doubly good move to label it the same time. To do this efficiently, Codeway makes heads for Avery Dennison 64 to present labels to products in a convenient position.

Avery ALX 925 Direct Print and Apply

Avery Dennison ALX print engines can apply labels directly to even size products on lines running at a steady speed of up to 20 metres per minute. This method is especially suitable for mixed products and small batches where you need to apply the last label printed.

Avery Kits for Standard Labelling Applications

image When you need a quick solution for product identification, promotions or logistics, look no further than a ready to use labeller complete with stand. Avery ALX kits print and apply as many as 120 labels per minute.

Codeway Programmable Front and Side Labellers


Many cartons and trays need labels on two adjacent sides so at least one is visible in stacks. Codeway's front and side labeller applies labels printed by Avery Dennison ALX machines. You can set it to print and apply labels to front and side, front, side, or no side for each batch.

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