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Key tasks in the food industry include labelling products accurately to GS1 standards, tracking batches by date, and despatching complete consignments on time.

Visidot multi item scanning solutions for meat, beer and pallets

imageJuly 2009 Visidot, the multi item bar code tracking system, news covers beer kegs, meat and fish in Europe, and pallets in Japan. With its experience of Visidot installations Codeway can provide complete automatic identification and traceability solutions.

Promotional Labelling

image Promotional labels and price stickers on food and consumer products are often required at the drop of a hat. Avery Standard Applicator Kits are an immediate solution for producers and packers to be up and running in minutes.

Checkrite scans jam at high speed

imageThe Codeway Checkrite controller on a jam filling line monitors the bar codes numbers read by a high speed scanner to ensure that the correct label is on every jar. The movies show jam jars after labelling. The blue scanner reads the barcodes as they pass at speed and pass them to Checkrite to match.

Butcher labels choice cuts for restaurants

imageA Smithfield butcher supplying meat to caterers and big name London restaurants needed a standalone labelling system in a hose-proof stainless steel enclosure in the cutting room. Codeway's solution enables butchers to enter SKUs on the printer's key pad. The printer looks up the product details and produce a label.

Convenience Food Distribution

imageA convenience food company distributing frozen products and meals needed to monitor goods in and out of its distribution centre. Trays come in into its warehouse from several factories and go out to retailers and restaurant chains. Knowing what has arrived is essential to maximising delivery performance.

Breakfast Cereal Traceability

imageA major food producer wanted to protect its brands by bridging the gap between production and packaging. The consequences of a well publicised example of the wrong product causing severe allergic reactions would have been incalculable. Codeway developed software to control batches and store traceability data.atabase.

Automated Labelling Underside Labellers

image Underside labelling is a good solution when products vary in height. The labels come up in the gap in a split conveyor and stick to the underside of the package.

Typical applications: boxes and bags, mail order book packs, and special situations.

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