Visidot multi item scanning solutions for meat, beer and pallets

imageJuly 2009 Visidot, the multi item bar code tracking system, news covers beer kegs, meat and fish in Europe, and pallets in Japan. With its experience of Visidot installations Codeway can provide complete automatic identification and traceability solutions.

Intelligent labelling gets the right body parts to Honda on time

imageUYT makes body parts and sunroof assemblies for just-in-time delivery to Honda. All stillages must contain exactly what Honda ordered and have accurate labels. Codeway's system ensures UYT makes the right parts, prints Odette labels, avoids left right mix ups, and captures data for Advance Shipping Notices.

Codetrack eliminates labelling defects on automotive components

FuelPipeIDA leading manufacturer of fuel pipes and air lines has all but eliminated labelling defects from its supplies to vehicle manufacturers. Codeway helped the company select the best terminals and software for the job.

Codetrack consignments and avoid stock outs

imageWhen customers use consignment stock, suppliers need to raise invoices and send replenishments. The challenge is to keep track of stock movements at many sites.

Smart label printing for automotive ingots

A supplier to the automotive industry uses smart printers to identify ingots of metal after smelting.

Direct Part Marks “life” Formula One parts

F1 teams use laser etched codes for “lifing” components. Readers in pit lanes record what’s added and removed to monitor hours of use.

How UYT delivers doors just in time to Honda in 100% accurate order

UYT deploys smart bar coding for real-time visibility over production, achieving 100% compliance with Honda’s Just-in-Time (JIT) sequences.

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