System Solutions

Product Identification

image Automate the flow of goods and information with GS1 numbers or your own product codes. Print and apply product, carton, and pallet labels round the clock, year in, year out. Codeway offers the whole package.

Production & Processing

image An automatic identification and data capture system enables you to be lean, processing orders and controlling materials to minimise waste, prevent errors and avoid shortages. You'll find Codeway systems at crucial points in many industries.

Warehouse Solutions

imageCodeway will supply Codetrack Warehouse software to control your warehouse operations, as well as the best mobile computers, scanners and label printers, all interfaced to your business systems.

Logistics solutions

imageCodeway has loads of logistics experience - automotive parts, parcels and pallets, mail, intercontinental vehicle shipping, even delivering the Christmas turkeys. All this gives us the capability to commission robust mobile data solutions for you to track despatches, deliveries and returns..

Mobile Services

image Codeway's mobile data systems enable you to respond to customer requests, deliver parts for service calls, carry out inspections, track assets and manage consignment stock. It's time for a change when your people are bogged down with paperwork. Cut it out and improve frontline performance.


image Dramatic improvements in performance are on the agenda in healthcare. At the top of the list are patient safety, quality of care, and use of resources. Automatic identification of patients, samples, drugs and supplies is simple, fast, and above all accurate.

Local Government and Public Services

image Codeway supplies rugged mobile data systems with resilient software. These take full advantage of wireless communications and enable frontline staff to do their job as normal when no connection is available. Cut out paperwork and increase productivity.

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