image More Than Technology Solutions: Intermec is in the business of helping you achieve the most return from your label printing, automated data capture and mobile computing systems.


image Codeway produces and supplies labels, tickets, tags and ribbons for desktop printers, mobile printers and automated labelling systems. We carefully select the materials to give you the best possible label quality, performance, durability and economy.



Codeway supplies ribbons for all Avery, Codeway, Intermec, Zebra and other printers. We carefully match them to materials to give you the best possible label print quality.

Smart label printing for automotive ingots

A supplier to the automotive industry uses smart printers to identify ingots of metal after smelting.

How smart label printers zap errors and save time

Smart label printers have programs that check for mistakes before printing a label. Desktop or mobile, networked or stanalone, they work at points of action in production, warehouses, service centres and on the road. Use them with barcode scanners, scales, RFID and PLCs to ensure everything you process is to order, complies with quality standards and is correctly labelled.

Smart printers check sequences in stillages

Manufacturers need to check parts they despatch to just in time production lines are in exactly the right sequence. By scanning a unique barcode on each item into a smart printer warehousemen can ensure that all are present and correct before the shipment label is printed.

Smart printer checks weight before labelling

When packing multiple quantities smart label printers connected to scales can detect errors. They only print shipping labels when everything is correct.

Seven smarter Intermec industrial label printers

Intermec Technologies has announced enhanced versions of seven industrial printers – the PD41, PD42, PF2i, PF4i, PM4i, PX4i and PX6i. Codeway provides printer programming and server side application development to integrate Intermec printers with product identification and tracking systems.

Codetrack fish with 2D codes for faster delivery

 imageA high volume fish processor wanted to speed up checking of trays on pallets to improve its service to retailers. The new multi-code scanning system required 2D codes but the weighing system did not support them. Codeway solved the problem with a Fingerprintinfo program for Intermec PM4i printers.

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