Honeywell Scanning and Mobility

image Honeywell Scanning and Mobility brings together Hand Held Products and Metrologic as a global leader in barcode scanning and mobile computing. Markets cover retail, industrial, distribution, healthcare and field services.

Honeywell Handheld Barcode Scanners

imageHoneywell handheld barcode scanners have an extremely good track record for performance and durability. The range includes 1D Linear imagers, 2D Area imagers, direct part mark, laser scanners, document imagers, self service kiosks, barcode verifiers. Handhelds are available in cordless versions.

Convenience Food Distribution

imageA convenience food company distributing frozen products and meals needed to monitor goods in and out of its distribution centre. Trays come in into its warehouse from several factories and go out to retailers and restaurant chains. Knowing what has arrived is essential to maximising delivery performance.

Breakfast Cereal Traceability

imageA major food producer wanted to protect its brands by bridging the gap between production and packaging. The consequences of a well publicised example of the wrong product causing severe allergic reactions would have been incalculable. Codeway developed software to control batches and store traceability data.atabase.

Fixed Barcode Readers

image Codeway selects the best fixed barcode reader for hands free use or automatic reading. Applications include item identification in automated labelling and packaging systems, volumetrics, and barcode validation.

Honeywell Verifiers

Do you your barcodes comply with standards? Honeywell's tried and tested range of offline and online verifiers will help you ensure they do.

Honeywell 3820 Cordless Linear Imager


The 3820 cordless linear imager is ideal applications where freedom of movement is essential. Built for reliability, the 3820 combines the power of Honeywell's Adaptus® Imaging with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Honeywell 3800g linear general purpose imager


The 3800g is built to deliver world-class performance. It's ideal for a broad range of applications in retail, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and administration.

Honeywell 3200 linear bar code imager

imageThe 3200 delivers quality linear barcode scanning and user friendly ergonomics. It's a high quality yet cost effective solution for replacing your existing scanners or automating a pen and paper process.

Dolphin 9900 mobile computer

image Honeywell's Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computers deliver a complete set of capabilities to your frontline employees. Built for maximum reliability the Dolphin 9900 improves productivity and customer service.

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