Scemtec Transponder Technology


Scemtec® Transponder Technology is a leading provider of complete RFID solutions, readers and antennas and associated equipment.

The company develops and produces Scemtec® identification systems to the highest quality standards, with ISO certification. Scemtec® reader/writers and aerial systems are the basis for successful active and passive RFID installations at many reference sites.

Scemtec® offer their broad knowledge and experience of RFID to develop systems for more specialised applications and hazardous environments where there is risk of explosion.

Scemtec® has 65 qualified electronic and electrotechnical experts at its state of the art development and production facility in Germany.

All skills required for the development of innovative RFID identification systems - from circuit development in high-frequency electronics to the creation of firmware for digital signal processors and microcontrollers - are available in-house.


Please email or call Kathy Jolly and Barry Day +44 (0) 1206 751300

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