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MC75FieldService470x209 Right items. Right place. Right time. Right way.

Mobile computers with built in scanners make sure you have the right items to hand and are taking the right action. You cut out errors and increase productivity.

In modern hospitals, for example, nurses use them to ensure the right patient get the right drug and the right dosage.

Codeway will help you select the best handheld, vehicle computers, and scanners for your application.

We provide a full support package including RF site surveys, system management and application software, deployment and service contracts.

Application software

A big advantage of a well built mobile data application is the flexibility it gives you to plug in new routines and business rules to your core processes.

Codetrack allows you to add new delivery, collection, merchandising, inspection and maintenance services whenever you need to. 

Our software engineers build robust, user proof, mobile applications honed by dockers loading ships at Southampton and ports round the globe.

Portable printing

The ability to print labels, tickets, and receipts at the point of action can simplify things enormously.

Pickers can bag items and print address labels, drivers can label collected items and leave a printed receipt, and detectives can label evidence unambiguously.

Systems integration

Codetrack takes full advantage of mobile data networks, and continue to operate when these are not available.

On the server side, Codetrack applications maintain databases, integrate with order processing and scheduling systems, sent out alerts when problems occur.

Codetrack provides managers and supervisors with up to the minute status reports and the opportunity to take immediate on their desktop PCs, PDAs, and web browsers.

Mobile Data Solutions


Codeway produces Codetrack application software to integrate the use of barcodes and mobile data with your business processes and computer systems in the most effective way.

Codetrack Applications


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