Automatic Identification

image Right items. Right place. Right time.

Mistakes happen when people can’t positively identify things: production lines stop, building projects are delayed, patients get the wrong medication, and tempers fray.

Codeway supplies all the equipment, media, software and systems you need to identify every item, batch, and consignment.

Bar codes, 2D codes, or RFID?

Retailers, the NHS and other industries use GS1 bar codes, but how should you apply them to your products?

When you need extra data for your process should you add 2D codes or look to RFID?

Codeway experts draw on 25 years’ of experience in retail and industrial supply chains to provide practical, yet often innovative, answers for production and distribution.

Label design, data, and multi-site printing

Getting the right data on every label and batch is sometimes more easily said than done.

Codeway systems eliminate errors, as well as printing and applying labels, in areas such as:

  • automotive parts manufacturing,
  • garden plant distribution to retail outlets,
  • mail order packaging.

These systems integrate with customers’ order processing and product databases.

Central control of labelling is increasingly important to companies with many lines, possibly at several sites. NiceLabel Enterprise is the best packaged solution and Codeway is the only accredited UK distributor.


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