Codetrack Warehouse


Codetrack Warehouse automates warehouse and distribution centre operations.

The system keeps track of all batches as they move, split and combine. This enables full tracking and traceability of standard and serially numbered products.

There is a list of links to Codetrack Warehouse modules at the bottom of this page.

Frontline automation

Codetrack Warehouse can automate the whole end to end process or just key tasks, such as packing and labelling.

Business system integration

Codetrack provides Business Intelligence and Data Integration functions.

Business Intelligence applies flexible business rules to frontline transaction data and, when appropriate, sends exceptions to designated staff to resolve.

Data Integration exchanges standard transaction data with business systems using agreed methods.

Process implementation

The first step is to map the essential tasks in the warehouse on to a new process chart.

Codeway builds systems from a set of core modules enhanced with routines that support the precise processes customers want to follow.

For specialised processes Codeway will adapt the core module itself.

Results are maximum returns today and flexibility for the future.

Examples - end to end processes

Automotive components
Production and distribution to vehicle manufacturer: components in stillages positively identified to vehicle production schedules for line side delivery.

Intercontinental vehicle shipping
Tracks vehicles from delivery to the port through inspection and storage compounds on to ships, together with unloading and despatch at ports of destination.

Clothing distribution
Goods received in containers, cross docking, storage, picking and despatch.

Exam papers - global distribution
Numbering, storage, picking, and despatch system to guarantee on time deliveries to worldwide destinations and prevent fraud; complementary to SAP order processing.

Safety equipment rental and distribution
Serial number identification, testing, issues and returns.

Nautical chart distribution
Goods receiving and order line reconciliation, picking with version control, verified packing; Oracle integration.

Bakery ingredients production and distribution
GS1 outer pack and pallet labelling, traceability, date controlled bulk and mixed order picking and shipment.

Pet food distribution
Bulk and mixed pallet receiving, pick, check weighing, and marshalling for delivery to independent pet shops.

Examples - automated labelling and routing

Horticultural distribution
Automated plant pot and tray identification, point of sale labelling with variable formats and pricing, and conveying to delivery trolleys.

Media loans
Automated media loan system: scanning and sorting returns to bagging and labelling system.

Global consumer goods distribution
Automated weight and volumetric measurement and route labelling system for consignments to European and global retail outlets.

TV shopping
Automated mail order item conveying, identification, bag labelling, and routing.

Mail distribution
Automatic mail tray destination ticketing for high volume document production centres.

FMCG pallets
Automated SSCC labelling of double stacked pallets on household goods packaging lines.


Codeway produces Codetrack application software to integrate the use of barcodes and mobile data with your business processes and computer systems in the most effective way.


To discuss Codetrack applications for your organisation, please email or call Katy Cocker on +44 (0) 1206 751300.

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