Warehouse Solutions


Barcodes tell you what’s in your warehouse.

Mobile data terminals tell you where things are and when they moved.

It’s a winning combination.

Right item. Right place

Codeway will provide you with the right mobile computers and bar code printers for the job.

What’s more we’ll configure Codetrack Warehouse software to control your warehouse operations and interface them to your business systems.

Goods in

Goods in is often more complex than it sounds.

Multiple purchase orders, no purchase orders, consignment stock, ASNs, mixed pallets, bulk contract deliveries, quality compliance procedures, wrong order numbers, wrong goods and returns can soon confuse any accounting system.

Codetrack Warehouse Goods in module solves this problem with barcodes, mobile software to handle each case, and server software to detect and action exceptions before posting to accounts.

Picking and Packing

Barcodes ensure your stocks are in the right slots, but picking the right items is sometimes only the start:

  • Ships want vehicles loaded as balanced cargo.
  • Motor manufacturers demand components in strict assembly sequence.
  • Mail order houses need the right address label on every bag.
  • Supermarkets want garden plants labelled up and despatched immediately.

Codetrack Warehouse supports standard and special distribution centre processes that integrates with your business’s order processing and scheduling systems.


Missing items from loads is often very expensive. Mixing a couple of items up is a double whammy.

Codetrack Warehouse can catch missing items before despatch and stop basic mistakes. Going further Codeway can add check weighing and volumetrics for load balancing and controlling shipment charges.

Codetrack Warehouse

Click here for an outline of Codetrack Warehouse and its modules.


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