Product Identification

Raspberries475x287 Automate the flow of goods and information with GS1 numbers or your own product codes.

Print and apply product, carton, and pallet labels round the clock, year in, year out.

Codeway offers the whole package:

  • printers and applicators,
  • labels and ribbons,
  • bar code verification,
  • process control,
  • application software,
  • centralised label format and data management.

Label printing and consumables

Label printing is a matter of horses for courses. Thoroughbreds are always your best bet.

For higher volumes, speed and label handling give Avery Dennison printers the edge. When it comes to dispensing labels and applying them to the product they are unbeatable. We use them in Codeway systems.

While Zebra printers are a safe selection for many situations, Codeway often programs Intermec printers to act as data capture terminals as well as printers.

The performance of the labels on your products depends on the quality of the labels and ribbons. Codeway advises what’s best for each application and supplies cost effective consumables to keep your printers running.

Automated labelling systems

Codeway designs and builds twenty categories of automated label systems, print apply and applicators.

These include:

  • printer based light touch product and carton labellers
  • printer based “label as you handle” devices,
  • front, top, side, and bottom product labellers,
  • pallet labellers,
  • special designs to integrate with production machines.

Labelling software

The NiceLabel range of packages we supply now provides all the standard labelling functionality any organisation needs, up to Oracle and SAP connectivity. Extensive customisation is possible.

NiceLabel drives all current brands of label printer.

In addition we produce software for specific applications such as high volume point of sale labelling in distribution centres prior to despatch.


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