NiceWatch Enterprise HL7 Edition


NiceWatch Enterprise HL7 Edition is a centralized messaging and printing solution for healthcare systems.

It adds label and wristband printing functionality to healthcare systems such as Patient Administration, Medical Records, Laboratory Information and Pharmacy Information systems.

Patient care and safety

Positive identification of patients, medication, samples, treatments, lab results, and health records reduces risk, avoids errors and reduces costs.

In a fully automated system, wristbands and labels should include linear or 2D barcode or RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.

Printing from HL7 messages

NiceWatch Enterprise with HL7 support enables hospital systems to print wristbands, medicine, and patient information, using the standard HL7 messaging services, simplifing patient admittance, patient identification, patient exit administration, laboratory orders and other processes.

All of the information from an existing system can be printed to any type of printer. No changes to the existing system or purchases of new equipment are needed. Costs of modifying existing systems to accommodate printing changes are eliminated.

The NiceWatch HL7 system

There are three simple steps:

  1. Design the label with NiceLabelPro
  2. Send the data from the HIS to NiceWatch Server as

    a) a txt, xml file formatted in the HL7 data infrastructure

    b) TCP/IP message formatted in the HL7 data infrastructure

    c) any other supported trigger (formatted in the HL7 data infrastructure)

  3. Supervise the printingsystem with NiceLabel Enterpise Print Manager, a web-based application (included)

In the overall system the hospital information systems manages client stations while NiceWatch Server manages specified network printers.

NiceWatch Server HL7 sends messages to v2.5 compliant software applications and parses incoming HL7 messages. NiceWatch Server will support HL7 v3 in future. The XML filter in NiceWatch Server meets the needs of current HL7 v3 users.

MultiMobile Systems

Codeway uses MobileFrame as a platform for its MultiMobile systems.

A MultiMobile system will enable you to avoid errors, cut paperwork and increase productivity on the frontline.


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