NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector


The diagram show an SAP system interchanging data with a NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector controlling multiple printers at several sites.

The system sends a structured file, such as XML or iDoc, with variable data plus label template and printer identifiers to an RFC destination.

The NiceWatch server inserts the data into the template and converts it to the printer language using its driver.

NiceWatch can confirm receiving the data. After printing it can also send back information, such as the unique ID of an RFID tag applied to a container.

NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector

NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector enables ERP systems to control all label printers and printer applicators at multiple sites. It is certified for SAP Applications.

The device controller package includes a graphical template designer to simplify designing new labels and modifying them for new requirements.

NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector combines ease of integration with your ERP system and IT infrastructure with simple local management and control of label printing. User training needs are minimal. 


The NiceWatch Enterprise printing engine will handle the needs of the highest throughput operations:

  • Uses internal printer functions to maximise printing speeds

  • Implementing a high load infrastructure for printing to several printers simultaneously

  • Automates label printing in enterprise environments with minimal supervision

NiceWatch comes with true Windows drivers for over 1800 printers. This enables the enterprise to run mixed fleets of label printers and automatic labellers and upgrade them without restriction.


NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector supports most common standards of data communication.

Protocols include: XML files; Oracle XML files; SAP RFC and AII connections; HL7 (healthcare); ActiveX programming interface; command line; command file; e-mail message; data from a serial (COM) port, HTTP, or TCP/IP ports; Web Services; unstructured files (e.g. report file, printer command file); and just about all common database standards.

Graphical Designer

NiceLabel Pro is the award winning label designer included with NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector.

Its well-designed graphical  interface makes it easy for users to create new label templates and modify existing ones whenever you need to. No further need incur costs and delays associated with coding label formats.

Labelling Management

NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector is a server application functioning as a single gateway for all printers.

There is one installation and a single maintenance location, providing a detailed overview and control of the whole printer network.

Executive reports help you optimise the use of label printing resources and identify error-prone locations. 

NiceLabel Enterprise Demo

Automate label printing from your business software
NiceWatch Enterprise removes the need for coding when automating label printing from your business applications. It's completely printer independent and supports an unlimited number of printers.

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