image Dramatic improvements in performance are on the agenda in healthcare.

At the top of the list are patient safety, quality of care, and use of resources.

Automatic identification of patients, samples and drugs is simple, fast, and above all accurate.

Major areas for Codeway barcode systems are:

  • patient identification and care matching,
  • supplies management
  • asset tracking

Key results include elimination of errors, reduction of administrative workload on front line staff, and improved quality of care through better availability of resources.

Automatic capture of operational data for accounting and management is a major potential benefit.


Barcodes, 2D codes and RFID tags are ideal for identifying:

  • Patients with printed wristbands
  • Drugs, supplies, kits, instruments and samples
  • Assets, low to high value

In addition systems can identify staff carrying bar coded badges and smart cards.


Portable computers enable suppliers to track their products and kits.

Crucially, they enable hospital staff to positively identify patients and record treatments, samples, stock movements and other events.


While supporting the most efficient work flows mobile data systems check every action. This ensures patients receive the right treatment, medication and food, and staff use the right instruments and correctly identify samples.


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