Mobile Services

Inspection470x265 It’s time for a change when people in the field and the office are bogged down with paperwork.

Codeway’s mobile data systems enable you to respond to customer requests, deliver parts for service calls, carry out inspections, track assets and manage consignment stock.

Customer response

When your frontline people have a Codetrack mobile data solution, customer service can despatch orders and requests to them immediately.

Results: faster response, jobs completed on time, and higher productivity all round.

Product and service orders

Codetrack provides personnel with the parts and materials they need to complete the job.

It can generate kits from scheduled work, accept and fulfil orders placed on mobile terminals during site visits, and replenish van stock.

Codetrack can notify staff when their parts have been delivered to a collection point.

Inspection and data capture

Mobile services such as vehicle inspection, asset tracking, and merchandising are prime candidates for automation.

Frontline staff using Codetrack capture data at each stage of the job on site. Nothing is left out.

Accurate information is immediately available for action, billing, and reporting through a web portal.

The paperwork has vanished, and office staff are looking after customers.


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