Logistics solutions


Right item. Right place. Right time.

When you handle any number of items a day, handheld computers and barcodes are great for keeping track.

They give you proof of delivery and collection, and help you to deal with problems as they arise.

Codeway has loads of logistics experience - automotive parts, parcels and pallets, mail, intercontinental vehicle shipping, even delivering the Christmas turkeys – giving us the capability to commission robust mobile data solutions for you.

Match loads to orders

Just in time deliveries of parts to car assembly plants, building components to construction sites, and vehicles to Ro-Ro ferries about sail on the tide all demand 100% accuracy. As does everything else if you run a tight ship.

Codetrack Logistics systems make sure everything is on board, and that everything on board is on the manifest.

Automate Proof of Delivery

Signatures not only provide proof of delivery, they also show the delivery process was successful at every step of the way.

Codetrack Delivery systems track each item providing a complete history and records of any damage and other problems. You can define different procedures for each supplier, recipient, and product category.

As well as tracking goods, the system will also look after serialised and unserialised assetslike totes and stillages.

Manage collections and returns

By their nature collections and returns are less predictable than deliveries.

Codetrack Collection systems provide flexible ways to identify and check items to be returned as well as itemised receipts. They can also integrate with inspection, grading and repair systems at base.


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