Codeway builds automated labelling systems to identify your products and Codetrack software to track and control your orders, operations and assets.

We supply the whole package: system design and specification, software and services, equipment and media - everything you need for greater productivity and rapid returns on your investment.

Automated Labelling Systems

We build automated labelling systems and integrate them with your production and packaging processes to increase throughput and reduce unit costs.

Codeway offers over 20 different types of system including printer based “label it as you handle it” and carton labellers; product, outer and pallet labellers; and labelling integrated with order processing for point of sale labelling before despatch, high volume mail order packaging, and volumetrics for logistics labelling.

Codetrack Mobile Data applications

Codeway uses powerful tools to create and deploy Codetrack mobile data systems that improve business performance, reducing errors, saving time and cutting admin costs.

We'll help you choose mobile computers, plan your Wireless LANs, and do regular health checks to keep your returns on investment at high levels.

Our support team will provide the services you need to ensure systems and equipment run successfully throughout their life.


Please email or call +44 (0) 1206 751300

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