Scemtec Transponder Technology

image Scemtec® Transponder Technology is a leading provider of complete RFID solutions, readers and antennas and associated equipment. Scemtec® reader/writers and aerial systems are the basis for successful active and passive RFID installations at many sites.

Scemtec HF RFID Aerial Multiplexer

Scemtec® Aerial Multiplexer enables cost effective technically innovative control of RFID aerial systems.

Scemtec HF RFID Loop Aerials

Scemtec® Loop Aerials are robust with proven performance for industrial automation.

Scemtec HF RFID Gate aerials for access control

Scemtec® Gate aerials are ideal for access control and effective anti-theft surveillance.

Scemtec 3D Tunnel HF RFID Aerial Systems

Scemtec® 3D Aerial Systems are highly efficient tunnel solutions, using best specialised RFID aerial technology.

Scemtec SIR-2610 HF RFID Industrial Midrange Reader/Writer

The Scemtec SIR-2610 is a 13.56 MHz HF industrial midrange reader/writer built in antenna.

Scemtec SIR-2710 HF mid range reader writer

The Scemtec SIR-2710 is an 13.56 MHz RFID industrial midrange read / write device.

Scemtec SHL-2100 long range read / write unit

image13,56 MHz RFID reader/writer for long range applications with increased reader output power up to 10 Watt. Multi-tag compatible: ISO 15693info €“ ISO18000-3 EM4034, EM4035, EM4135, I-Code SL1, TAG-IT I-Code, and more.

Scemtec SIH 2100 HF Portable RFID Reader

The Scemtec SIH 2100 reads, displays data and tag type. Can store codes scanned. Communicate to bluetooth device within 10m. With loop antenna and greater power it is ideal for multi scans.

Scemtec SHT-2002 Multi Protocol HF RFID Hand-Held Terminal

The Scemtec SHT-2002 is a Multi Protocol 13,56 MHz RFID Hand-Held Terminal.

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