Case Study

Intelligent labelling gets the right body parts to Honda on time

imageUYT makes body parts and sunroof assemblies for just-in-time delivery to Honda. All stillages must contain exactly what Honda ordered and have accurate labels. Codeway's system ensures UYT makes the right parts, prints Odette labels, avoids left right mix ups, and captures data for Advance Shipping Notices.

Smart label printing for automotive ingots

A supplier to the automotive industry uses smart printers to identify ingots of metal after smelting.

How UYT delivers doors just in time to Honda in 100% accurate order

UYT deploys smart bar coding for real-time visibility over production, achieving 100% compliance with Honda’s Just-in-Time (JIT) sequences.

Smart printers check sequences in stillages

Manufacturers need to check parts they despatch to just in time production lines are in exactly the right sequence. By scanning a unique barcode on each item into a smart printer warehousemen can ensure that all are present and correct before the shipment label is printed.

Smart printer checks weight before labelling

When packing multiple quantities smart label printers connected to scales can detect errors. They only print shipping labels when everything is correct.

High volume mail order bag labelling

imageFor high volume mail order and e-commerce fulfilment, it pays to automate bagging and labelling. Codeway have installed labellers on several bagging machines. Codeway’s real time system scans the barcode, looks up order data, prints and applies a label, and checks it is properly applied.

Butcher labels choice cuts for restaurants

imageA Smithfield butcher supplying meat to caterers and big name London restaurants needed a standalone labelling system in a hose-proof stainless steel enclosure in the cutting room. Codeway's solution enables butchers to enter SKUs on the printer's key pad. The printer looks up the product details and produce a label.

FCUK boosts logistics and retail performance


French Connection had streamlined its stock management and distribution operations, and commissioned a new point of sale system. Codeway were asked to supply mobile solutions for in-store applications such as stock look-ups, stock transfers, stock takes. cycle counts, and mark downs.

Grain seed company automates sack labelling

imageA grain seed packing company was applying labels to filled sacks by hand on two lines. The problem was how to apply labels to rounded sacks full of grain so that the labels would be visible when the bags were stacked one on top of the other. This necessitated applying the label around the curved side of the bag.

Multi-code scanning system for fresher fish

imageOne of the UK's leading fresh fish processors needed to speed up its deliveries to a major retailer. The plant already had the most advanced production technology, but scanning boxes on each pallet by hand was a bottleneck. The solution was a Code way label printing program and a Visidot multi-code reader.

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